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Eurovision Song Contest 2016

#eurovision #jagvarhär

9 - 14 maj - Stockholm Live
Pris: 100-2595 SEK

Den 9-14 maj 2016 stod Stockholm värd för Eurovision Song Contest, världens största tv-underhållningsshow. Evenemanget intog alla våra arenor i Globenområdet, med Ericsson Globe som huvudscen. 

Programledare: Måns Zelmerlöw & Petra Mede

Du är en del av upplevelsen! Visa att du var här. När det hände. Live. Tagga dina bilder från Eurovision med #JAGVARHÄR.


Mer Information

- Arena layout
- Flag policy

Date Time Doors Finish
Semi-Final 2 The Jury show        May 11 21:00 19:00 23:00
Semi-Final 2 The Family show   May 12j  15:00 13:00 17:00
Semi-Final 2 The Broadcast        May 12 21:00 19:00 23:00
The Jury Final                                         May 13 21:00 19:00 23:00
The Family Final                                     May 14 13:00 11:00 15:00  
The Grand Final                                     May 14 21:00 19:00 00:30

Security – arrive in good time before the event!
In connection with the entry we will search you and your bags. Therefore, arrive in good time, to minimize queues and help us to manage the entry as smoothly as possible.

Bags are allowed to bring into the arena, but they cannot exceed a size of 30x30 cm. Note that there is no wardrobe or power storage for bags in the arena.

System cameras and selfie sticks are not allowed, but cell phones and small compact cameras are. For your own and your fellow visitors security umbrellas must be left outside of the arena.

If you bring a flag, it may be a maximum of 120x40 centimeters if it does not have a flag stick and a maximum of 60x40 centimeters high if it has a flag stick. Flag stick must not exceed 20 centimeters in length and must be in plastic (not wood or metal).

If something is still unclear, you will find more answers in our FAQ.

Food and beverage
There are plenty of opportunities to eat and drink in connection with your visit. Restaurants, bars and kiosks are located in Stockholm Globe Arena, Tolv Stockholm under Tele2 Arena, Globen Shopping and Arenagången.

You are not allowed to bring food and beverages into the arena.

We have installed a powerful free wifi network in Stockholm Globe Arena. Please use it to share your experience from Eurovision Song Contest. Simply choose "Ericsson Globe Public" and start surfing!

Starting order Grand Final1. Belgien
1. Belgium
2. Czech Republic
3. Netherlands
4. Azerbaijan
5. Hungary
6. Italy
7. Israel
8. Bulgaria
9. Sweden
10. Germany
11. France
12. Poland
13. Australia
14. Cyprus
15. Serbia
16. Lithuania
17. Croatia
18. Russia
19. Spain
20. Latvia
21. Ukraine
22. Malta
23. Georgia
24. Austria
25. United Kingdom
26. Armenia

Votes and points*
After the last song has been presented in the Grand Finale the telephone voting starts, and is closed after the second re-cap.

Then the jury voting points will be distributed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 points is presented graphically. The presenters of the 43 countries delivers only the 12 points.

The viewers voting points in respective country is – as before – converted into 1-12 points – this gives each country the same number of points as the jury groups. The results of the 43 countries telephone voting are added into a collected result which the hosts presents. Thus in total 3 698 points have been distributed and the competition has a winner.

*The voting change is only applied for the Grand Final. The results of the Semi-Finals will be presented as before. The Hosts presents the countries advanced to the Grand Final, in no particular order.

** This page is being updated continuously until the competition is held.



Stockholm Live
Pris: 100-2595 SEK