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Open for all

ett_omrade_for_alla_660x220.jpgWelcome to an area for all!

Our arenas make a district open for all, and your comfort and safety is our highest priority. We work in close co-operation with all our promoters to achieve the highest possible level of security and hospitality – before, during and after an event.

Since we are visited by millions of people each year, it is important for all of us to help in keeping the area clean, safe and tidy – for people living in the area, for visitors, for a better common experience.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to make Stockholm Live even better, please e-mail us at [email protected]tockholmlive.com

Priority seats

All our arenas have priority seats designated for anyone with extra demands on availability and access in and out of the arena. An accompanying service person is also assigned to these seats.

Number of priority seats in our arenas

We always have a number of availability seats at all our events. The exact number may differ, depending on the design and public capacity of the event. The numbers below describe our standard configurations:

  •     Ericsson Globe – 32
  •     Tele2 Arena – 138
  •     Hovet – 25 (13 of which have obscured viewing)
  •     Annexet – built up for each event

If you want to book a priority seat, please contact us at +46(0)77-131 00 00.

Visit with children

Pram parking

For reasons of capacity and security, prams are prohibited to enter our arenas. We have therefore no designated parking spaces available for prams.

In connection to events in Ericsson Globe and Hovet we offer the possibility of indoor pram parking depending on the event. In connection to events at Tele2 Arena there is an assigned outdoor area for pram parking. Ask our event hosts for directions.

Please note that this pram park is unattended. Feel free to bring your own pram lock. In connection with events at Tele2 Arena, locks are offered for sale at Ticket Info Norr.

Nursery room

  • Ericsson Globe – nursery rooms are found at section A7. Keys are available at the information desk next to entrance 2.
  • Hovet – two handicap toilets with nursery tables are available at the foyer on each short side.
  • Annexet – please talk to our event hosts for access to the nearest nursery room at the Ericsson Globe.
  • Tele2 Arena – all handicap toilets are equipped with nursery tables.

Hearing protection

Ericsson Globe, Annexet and Hovet: Hearing protectors can be borrowed against a deposition of id-card or drivers license at the information desk next to entrance 2 in Ericsson Globe.

Tele2 Arena: No hearing protectors available, please bring your own to protect your ears.

Killnoise earplugs and music plugs are sold at the arenas in connection to concerts at a cost of 60 SEK. Watch for vendors in purple or pink branded wear. Foam earplugs are also offered at 20 SEK.


At some events, a limited number of child seat cushions are available for our youngest visitors.