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Liam Gallagher - New date

2 Feb - Annexet
Price: 650 SEK

Liam Gallagher will be playing at Annexet in Stockholm on February 2, 2020. Buy tickets here!


Important when buying tickets

AXS is the ticket vendor for this event and no other company than AXS sells tickets to this event. If you buy tickets from any other company than the authorized ticket vendor: we can’t guarantee that the ticket is valid or that it hasn’t been sold several times - and you risk paying excess on top of the original ticket price and miss all important information about the event.


About the age restriction

Due to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency on high volumes there is a general age restriction for concerts at the Arena. It is incumbent upon the event owner to follow this, in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Management Agency. The age restriction is 13 YOA, even if the child is accompanied by an adult guardian. Exceptions are made for events that are specifically for children.

Many people may wonder why the onus is not on the parents to protect their child’s hearing, for example with earplugs. The intention of the general guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency is to protect the hearing of all children – even if parents are cognisant of how to protect their hearing or not. It is the responsibility of the event owner that the sound environment and sound levels do not cause harm to visitors’ hearing. According to Swedish law (The Environmental Code) the event owner cannot transfer the responsibility of protecting the hearing of visitors to the visitors.


Visitor Information


Time schedule (approx.)

Will be updated closer to the event.


Be here in good time

Many fans are expected for the concerts. For this reason you should be here in good time and leave larger belongings at home.


Practical information

Please leave system cameras and selfie sticks at home. Smartphones and small compact cameras are allowed. Food, drink, umbrellas and backpacks are not allowed into the Arena for security reasons. Handbags larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth) can not be brought into the arena


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