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Prepare to buy tickets

We want your buy of tickets to be as quick and smooth as possible. Follow this checklist and you will be well prepared before the on sale.

1. Create an account on www.AXS.com

2. Fill in your details

3. 30 minutes prior to the on sale we will open the virtual "Waiting Room"
- Log in to your AXS account
- Go to the event site
- Click "Go to Waiting Room”
- Everyone registrered in "Waiting Room" during this 30 minutes prior to on sale will have priority access when the tickets are released. NOTE: you are not guaranteed tickets even if you got a place in the "Waiting Room".

4. DO NOT refresh the event page, it updates automatically.

5. When the tickets are released and it gets your turn, you will be prompted to start the purchase process

6. Choose number of tickets and category. Click "Search tickets"

7. You will now get a proposal of tickets
- If you deny the proposed tickets, you will be placed last in line. Not to recommend!
- If you accept the tickets, please pay and get excited. Recommended!

At great interest in the event, the tickets are sold out very quickly. So even though you have been in the queue a long time, we can not guarantee you tickets.

Good luck!


This is Waiting Room