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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions before visiting us you’ll find most of the answers here. Please contact us if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.



I am physically disabled, how do I get around inside the arenas?

All arenas have dedicated areas adapted for maximum availability.

Inside Ericsson Globe, there are ramps between stands A and B and an elevator between the stands levels. Tele2 Arena also have elevators between the stands levels, and four specially adapted entrances, entrance C ,I ,Q and X, in each of the corners of the arena.

Priority seats are booked at 08-446 852 39.

All arenas have handicap toilets.

Can I borrow a wheel chair during my visit?

No, we have no extra wheel chairs available.  

Can I bring a seeing-eye dog to the event?

With respect to people suffering from allergic problems, no animals can be brought into the arena. We kindly recommend you to bring human escort.

Ticket Questions

Where can I buy, and where can I collect the tickets to an event in your arenas?

We recommend you to only buy tickets through authorized resellers.

The easiest way to buy tickets is online at AXS.com, Ticketmaster.se and Friendsarena.se. Tickets are also sold via our Callcenters. For events in Ericsson Globe, Tele2 Arena, Hovet or Annexet, please call: +46(0)771-31 00 00. For events at Friends Arena, please call: +46 (0)771-70 70 70.

How do I pay for my ticket?

When buying tickets through our authorized resellers we only apply direct payment, it is not possible to book tickets. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express..

Why do you charge a service fee on the tickets?

The service fee covers the costs of our agents in connection to booking, collecting or eventual refunding. The fee is the part of the ticket price that accrues to our ticket agents.

In the case of an event being cancelled, the service fee will be refunded. The service fee varies from the price of the ticket at a fixed rate.

Are there any special age limits to the events in your arenas?

To meet recommendations from the Swedish Health Authorities on limiting dangerous sound levels for young people, many promoters apply an age limit of 13 years applicable also in the presence of an adult.

At some events – watch the individual event page – small children sitting in the lap of their parents enjoy free entrance. All other events demand a ticket from all visitors regardless of age.

At most of the events in our arenas, beer and wine is served together with other alcoholic beverages in our restaurants and bars. But our alcohol policy is very restrictive. We reserve the right to deny anyone to buy alcohol, or to admit entrance for anyone visibly intoxicated from alcohol or drugs, all for the benefit and safety of all our visitors.

An 18-year age limit applies to events where food and beverage are being served. The bars always have a 20-year age limit for serving alcohol.

What should I think about when I by my ticket?

Always buy your ticket from an authorized reseller. In order to make sure it is authentic, take care to control that the ticket corresponds to your order.

Can I return or get a refund on a ticket bought?

Bought tickets are not repurchased. If the event is canceled, the ticket is refunded at the point of purchase. Any refund is usually to be claimed within a specified time limit.

The service fee is not refundable, since it covers the cost for the respective service point in the case of, for example, cancelled events.

For further questions, please contact us at tel: +46(0)77-131 00 00 or via e-mail.

What happens if an event is moved or cancelled?

When buying your tickets by phone or online, you are asked to give us your contact address and/or e-mail address and phone number. This gives us the possibility to contact you if any changes occur in regards to the event.

Information is also put out through our website and social media. Please note that we cannot foresee events that might lead to cancellation. This type of information is normally handled by the promoter in charge, who then passes on the information to us. If there are uncertainties regarding any specific event, we kindly ask you to contact the promoter in charge.

Do you refund lost or stolen tickets?

We do not issue refunds for lost or stolen tickets. If your tickets have been stolen you must file a complaint with the police to let the issue be handled by your insurance company.

Is it OK to buy tickets from a private person?

To make sure that you get valid tickets, always buy from an authorized agent. When buying your tickets by phone or online, we ask you to leave your contact address and/or e-mail address and phone number. This gives us the possibility to contact you if any changes occur in regards to the event.

Do you sell gift vouchers for SkyView?

Yes, you can buy gift cards for SkyView in our Service Center.

What are the rules in events where a maximum amount of tickets are allowed per buyer?

Sometimes we set a limit to how many tickets you are allowed to buy for a certain event. This also applies to availability seats. For example: If the limit is set to four tickets, you can have one ticket for an accompanying person for free and buy two more tickets to the event. But after that, you cannot repurchase the availability ticket and still make use of the other tickets you’ve bought.

What is an E-ticket?

When buying online or by telephone, you can choose to have your ticket delivered by e-mail for you to print before the event.

Your Visit

How do I get to Stockholm Live?

It’s easy to get here, whether you choose common transport, take the bike or take a walk. Our position close to central Stockholm lets you leave the car at home.

Within walking distance of a kilometer you find six subway stations including Gullmarsplan, Stockholm’s second largest hub for common transport with subway, tram and buses.

More on how to get here

What objects are prohibited inside the arenas?

Bottles, cans, selfie-sticks, cameras or movie cameras (some events carry a ban on photography), any recording equipment and dangerous objects like umbrellas or laser pointers are not allowed inside the arenas.

We offer storage for objects (like umbrellas or sharp objects) that are not allowed inside the arenas, but we have no deposit boxes. Neither we, nor the promoter in charge have any responsibility for umbrellas left outside the entrance and objects left behind will not be stored after the event.

You are not allowed to bring your own food our beverage into the arena.

Can I take my camera to the event?

A system camera or any other professional sound or image recording device may not be brought into the arena. Certain events carry a strict ban on photography. Mobile phone-cameras or small compact cameras are usually allowed. Each promoter has the right to specify any eventual bans on photography.

Is parquet the same as the arena floor?

Yes, parquet is the same as the arena floor. At concerts or shows, the parquet is either appointed with numbered seats (numbered parquet) or just held as an open space for a standing audience, divided into different sections (standing only parquet). At some events, parquet is divided into section to accommodate both numbered seats and standing only.

How do I best find my seat or place in the arena?

Under ”Get Here” on this website you will find seating maps of all of our arenas. When you arrive, follow the instructions on your ticket for entrance, section and seat. If you have any questions, please contact one of our event hosts or hostesses at your service.

Can I bring a pram to the event?

For reasons of capacity and security, prams are prohibited to enter our arenas. We have therefore no designated parking spaces available for prams.

In connection to events in Ericsson Globe and Hovet we offer the possibility of indoor pram parking depending on the event. In connection to events at Tele2 Arena there is an assigned outdoor area for pram parking. Ask our event hosts for directions.

Please note that this pram park is unattended. Feel free to bring your own pram lock. In connection with events at Tele2 Arena, locks are offered for sale at Ticket Info Norr.

Do you have guided tours of Ericsson Globe and Tele2 Arena?

No, we don't offer guided tours at the moment.

Do you have cloakrooms and deposit boxes?

You find cloakrooms in the foyer of most of our events except for hockey games. The service is optional and the fee is 30 SEK. We accept card payment in our cloakrooms.

Left-luggage (fee 50 SEK)
Ericsson Globe: in connection to entrance 2.
Annexet and Hovet: in connection to the entrance on some events.

Where do I turn if I have any views or complaints?

Please share your views or complaints to our staff on the venue during the event.

Unfortunately, we have no possibility to hand out compensations in retrospect. During events at Ericsson Globe, Hovet and Tele2 Arena, our information desk is open.

Good to know: Even if you have bought a seated ticket, we have no ways of prohibiting other visitors from standing up instead of sitting in their seats.

For further questions or personal views, please contact us by e-mail.

Where can I park my car during my visit?

The car park for Globen Shopping has a capacity of approx. 1500 parking lots and Arenagaraget below Tele2 Arena about 650 lots. You find handicap parking by the eastern short side of Hovet, right next to Nynäsvägen.

Do you have bus parking for companies arranging travel to and from the events?

We have no possibility to offer special parking for coaches. Please contact us for more information.

Can I smoke inside the arena?

Smoking is prohibited in all of our arenas. During events, special areas are assigned for smoking outside the arenas.

Why do you search visitors before entering?

Search is performed to prevent dangerous and prohibited objects from entering the arenas.

How can I find out at what time an event will end?

A couple of days before the event, a welcome letter is mailed out to visitors having stated their e-mail address. The info is also posted on our website.

When can I start cueing outside the arena on the day of the event?

We have a policy to allow cueing from 07:00 hrs on the day of the event. For security reasons, earlier cueing and camping around the arena is strictly forbidden.

I accidently left an object behind during my visit, who should I contact?

Call our switchboard at tel +46(0)8-600 91 00, Monday-Friday between 08:30 hrs-17:30 hrs. Leave further information about the object missing and the date of your visit to see if it has been recovered.

Can I buy hearing protection at the arena?

Yes. Foam earplugs are offered at a cost of 15 SEK.

About Us

Which arenas are part of Stockholm Live?

Our arenas consist of Ericsson Globe, Friends Arena, Annexet, Hovet and Tele2 Arena, and also the attraction SkyView.

Do you have your own social media pages? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Yes, we are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is where you get all the latest news, inside information, exclusive competitions, can ask us questions and in general just have a lot of fun!

I want to work for you, what should I do?

We get many requests by people offering their help in jobs, trainee work and other sorts of cooperation. We are both very happy and feel very flattered about this, but since we are only a small organization there’s precious little time for us to read or handle all the correspondence. You are always welcome to apply for jobs by answering our ads published on LinkedIn among other places.

Work with our partners
Instajobs provides staffing for our hosts at Tele2 Arena.

SGAF is responsible for handling the real estate for Ericsson Globe, Annexet, Hovet, Tele2 Arena and Tolv Stockholm.

Food & beverage is run by SPG Arena in Ericsson Globe, Annexet and Hovet, and by Levy Restaurants in Tele2 Arena.

Inspira runs the cleaning of all our arenas and Nokas handles surveillance of the event area.

If working in any of these areas interest you, please contact the company in charge.

Where can I find a cash machine in the event area?

You find several cash machines along Arenavägen and inside Globen Shopping.

Do you sell souvenirs?

There is a souvenir shop open 365 days of the year right next to our SkyView service center. In the shop you can buy SkyView tickets, tickets to events and SkyView gift vouchers. In connection to the shop you also find SkyView Café, open for lunch as well as serving food and beverages through the night on event days.

How do I receive news and information from Stockholm Live?

You can always find our latest news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for our weekly newsletter. If you leave us your e-mail address when buying a ticket to one of our shows, you will receive a welcome e-mail containing detailed information on your visit.  

Why are the colors of Ericsson Globe and Tele2 Arena changing all the time?

Ericsson Globe is lit up with regular white lights except for event days, when the following color scheme is being used:

Concert – red
Show or gala night – tutti-frutti
Sport – blue
International contest – yellow and blue

Games with our home teams:
Djurgården Hockey or Football – blue, yellow and red
Hammarby Football – green and white
AIK Hockey – dark blue and yellow

The promoter has the right to light up Ericsson Globe in any color combination in connection to their event. The exterior lighting is usually on from midnight until dawn, and then from sunset to midnight depending on the hours of the event.

If several events are being held simultaneously, Ericsson Globe will be the primary decider of color, followed by Hovet and Annexet. Tele2 Arena always has its own coloring.